VOC 2010

Do you know that TraeLayx products meet VOC 2010?

Practical tips


By finishing floors treated with reactive stain, hardwax pro color or hard wax pro metalic with a layer of hardwax pro, you can prevent the colour layer getting damaged with wear. This means the floor will continue to look good for a longer time. It is easier to retouch the layer of hardwax pro matt, than the colour layer. The touched up spots will always remain visible if you touch up the colour layer.

Trae Lyx with reactive stains can also be finished with Avis polyurethane (see the Avis products on www.bichemie.nl). When choosing satin or matt finish with Avis polyurethane, a layer of Avis polyurethane gloss should always be applied first.

Always mix several pots together in order to prevent colour difference if there is not enough for the whole floor. 


TraeLyx Reactive Stain in 6 rustic colours.
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